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April 30, 2008



I am SO glad you wrote this. REALLY glad. I am not one to drink these types of drinks even though I have tried Red Bull before. All it did was give me a headache and reassure me that as I age sugar and I are not as close as we used to be. My son, however, sports some of these sports drinks when visiting from college and every time I get on to him encouraging him to try substituting coffee and more sleep for this trendy habit, he assures me they are “what works.” I am not only going to check the cans he brings home and all the cans of the students I see with one, but I am going to forward this blog to everyone I can think of in hopes they too, will be as “embarrassingly” (is that a word?) enlightened as I was reading this.

Thank you for keeping us aware.



I just had to respond to this, I have loathed energy drinks for a while now. I have a 10 yo son that is in football and basketball and was horrified this past year when he would BEG me to drink some before practice or games “to help him have more energy for the game”. As if 10 yo boys need more energy than they already NATURALLY have! There were at least 6 boys on his team that were allowed to do this! I was floored that any parent would think it a brilliant idea to let their 9 or 10 yo “get more energy” from a beverage. What a ridiculous message! And now with the alcohol content in some of them it is even scarier! I just hope everyone will pay more attention to this!

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