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May 30, 2008



We play a very fun party game where questions are asked and everybody has to answer. The catch is that nobody can use a word with the letter e in it. It gets really funny. Alcohol is optional (well, at somebody else's party).

I think your system needs something. How about for every 100 student words spoken on task the teacher does a shot?


This is the SECOND time that you have caused me to spew coffee across my desk and screen! It was some Starbucks exotic blend and burnt my nose hairs out.
Too too too funny!
If you ever need a job, man oh man would you fit ever fit in with my crew!!


This modest proposal reminds me of my favorite sentence from Lynne Reeves Griffin's recent parenting book, Negotiation Generation: "Children who don't listen have parents who talk too much." I can see implementing this at the college level, too.


You know... this hits close to home as we have two who are almost teenagers... and one who just turned five. I have found myself talking over hime lately when he is trying to 'splain something to me. More listening... on my part... might just mean more listening on his part. Thanks!

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