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October 24, 2008



I have often wondered what those people who are there so early and or so late are actually doing? Don't get me wrong... I love what I do... but I love the little guys and the little lady more... nothing more important than them.

Jan Borelli

When I was a high school principal, I loved going to all the events; and it was gratifying to see the kids in another aspect of their school lives. Then, I became direly ill; and I begrudged all that time away from my kids and family.

I changed gears, and I became an elementary principal. Oh, I still work some nights here and there; but I love the work and the kids and the teachers and every part of it.

I am getting a little tired of the external things of the principalship; and I know that when I am not just tired of them but focus on them excessively... that... that is when I retire.

Kerrie Bourland

I was going to begin my comment with an apology for not reading this blog entry sooner than today due to poor time management and a horrendous handicap in delegating, but I changed my mind. Okay, and maybe I do appear wishy washy sometimes, but those late afternoons catching up can be a legitimate excuse for memory and mood swings. Paper stacks do fall occassionally and do hurt when they hit you right across the eyebrow. But forget all that and let me say that I applaud you for your message that many messages minor in meaning making much mush to meander through much like this.

Kyle Pekurney

This post is by far my favorite of your postings yet. I always enjoy reading the thoughts and opinions of the "more seasoned" administrators. It really helps me keep things in perspective.

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