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September 28, 2007



I am going to go out a limb and propose the Bishop Jakes has never worked or set foot on an Alternative-School campus. While it is great to be praised by the powers above you, my sense of fulfillment and inner significance is derived from the students that make up my "ocean" so to speak. The bouyancy of the ship sailing must factor in the ocean that it is sailing, as well as the depth of the water. I would rather have a student say to me " thank you for your help today " than a 5 year tenure lapel pin. Our students today will sail us into the future most assuredly, but as teachers we must be there with them and help them build the ocean-going vessel they are to use. The ocean and the ship must work together as one unit in order to navigate the uncharted waters of the future, not seperate and apart as Bishop Jakes preaches.

Numbah 1

They say that the Devil is in the details...and research sure does have a lot of details, so...


Hey Greg

I have thought these thoughts for many years...as I expect so many archeologists do, I have continualy teased my daughter Amanda, a devout Christian, by asking her "What if they find the Covenent of The Lost Ark ... open it and find out the Jews were right?"

I love the last two lines of this post.


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