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September 27, 2007



I'm SO glad you are blogging again! Can't wait to hear what you have to say. BTW-love your email address. :)


My mom used to remind me of the importance of fresh air and its importance in clear thinking... one of the reasons she loved the mountains. I would love to know what you really think of those little snoop--oops! I mean snapshot walk-throughs (and I honestly swear it was originally a typo). AND all the other good, tough and honest stuff we are about to share in. Again, Ya-hoo!

Lori Dazey

I can't wait to take this ride! And by the way, what do you really think about those walk-throughs?


I smell the fresh breezes as I open the windows. Who knew the author could tip the scales of "verbosity" so heavily. Looking forward to the winds as they blow in and clear the smog.


I was afraid I had lost my muse. Glad you moved! Keep up the good work of making us all mad... happy... and thinking!


While we all want recognition and praise in the workplace, I would hate to think that the "positive strokes" I get are for some Gallup-guided agenda. I do not believe we should depend on our co-workers to make us feel significant. Significance is connected to the intrinsic reward of what we do. I do want recognition...especially when I exceed the expected. God's part in this? I guess Rev. Jakes

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