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January 18, 2008



Maybe the "it" deals with a teacher's expectations and beliefs. The "it" teachers I know see their students as real people, think that helping kids is more important than a grade in a gradebook, and are willing to break the rules/think outside the box. The "**it" teachers (you can supply the other two letters) I've known see their job as 8-4, their students as laborers, and rules as black and white. Maybe the "it" factor has to do with being able to see the shades of grey.

Michelle Gilmer

I whole-heartedly agree with what you have said here. I'm thinking of all the other people and places in my life where there are "its" and "not its". Doctors and bookstores come to mind for some reason. In both these cases, I have a choice of which doctor or which bookstore to go to. If I go to one that doesn't have "it", I can keep searching until I find one who does. Not so with teachers. Our students have no choice in who they spend their 180+ days with each year. As a teacher trainer, the kinds of teachers employed by my district have always been important to me, but never as important as it is now that my son is attending school. Last year, in first grade, he had a teacher that had "it". She just naturally, easily, had her students in the palm of her hand. They were well behaved, loved learning, and my son had a great year. This year, however, his teacher does not have "it". After 3 short months, my son began complaining about school and not wanting to get up in the morning. He's in second grade! I'm doing my best to keep him hooked on learning by doing things at night and weekends, but it's frustrating that by second grade he thinks school is worksheets and busy work. As you note in your post, if we only employ teachers with "it" we'll have 40 kids in a classroom or a vast teacher shortage. How do we teach "it" to the ones without it? What's the solution? Merit pay? Increased pay in general? Home schooling?

Janet Erlinger

"It" in my humble opinion is the heart for the job at hand. The passion that provides joy from a job well done. You must have some natural talent but you must also be insired. I have found the job that inspires me; that job is in the classroom, and I am filled with joy each day by just being able to fullfill the calling of teaching. "It" is the Heart, for if you do not have your whole heart in what you do, then you will never experiance joy or inspiration - for yourself or for others. Yes, it does need nurturing. Just as any living, growing thing needs to be cared for, nurtured and developed; "it" is the heart of the talent. With out the heart, "it " would shrivel. With out the nuturing, "it" would die. Keep the trainings, keep the motivations, keep the passion growing!

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