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March 26, 2008


Patrick Pence

Well, you sure have done it now!!! The education Gods are sure going invade your personal family domain, kidnap you wife and grand child...the only way to get them is to spell TAKS over and over and over and over until you forget how. Even Rumplestiltskin would be easier than that....

Proposing elimination of madatory attentance for 10th grade and above. What are you ... some kind of reality thinker. Of course we can't do that...that taxpayer's dollars are not being baby-sat if you do that....

Merging college and high school programs and credits...Gawd Almighty!!! It might someday happen that some high school teachers will see their phoney-baloney jobs in jeopardy if it becomes known a high school diploma is not an absolute pre-requisite for a college education....

Now you've gone too far....goodness gracious!!! Eliminate words such as credit, graduation. diploma. Next you will want to eliminate words like valedictorean, saluditorean, Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen. Who in the name of The Lord are the seniors going to terrorize if they cannot define who the Freshmen are.

Next thing we know, you will suggest we eliminate finals exams and give them a 3-4 pertinent-question oral exam not unlike orals taken on the graduate college level.

Nah...you wouldn't do that. But then again, ignoring attendance from the 10th grade on up...who knows.

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